Is being in hospital bed funny? Now it’s ICU pose after #DeadPose

News – Date: 23 October 2017

Written by: Tshifhiwa Mukwevho / Viewed: 429

A few months ago, the hashtag #DeadPose caused an outcry on social media, with people expressing their disgust at the social media users who posted pictures of themselves where they appear to have died. The latest “craze” is to post pictures where it looks as if the person has been admitted to ICU, under the hashtag #ICU.

The majority of readers interviewed by Limpopo Mirror agreed that #ICU pose made fun of people who were going through hard times in the intensive care units in hospitals.

The first lady of Zwithu Zwi Ntha, Thendo Nkuna, described the trend as very disturbing and outrageous in the face of a society struggling to find its real identity. “I really don’t understand why someone would make fun about death or ICU,” Thendo said. “Some people are fighting for their lives in ICU and people are out there making a mockery of a heartbreaking, painful situation. The lack of knowledge is a problem in our country,” she said.

Rita Dee Entertainment’s manager, Rita Dee, condemned the act in the strongest terms, and said: “I don’t understand why in our country stupid things trend! It’s inhumane. Imagine the pain of being in that hospital bed while others are trying to trend. These days when you’re involved in an accident people don’t stop to help, but they stop to take pictures and videos to upload on social media platforms. That’s being heartless,” she said.

Dakaloa Maselompana commented: “This whole thing is bad. It shows a lack of understanding and also a disrespect for those with loved ones in ICU. There’s nothing funny or good about it,” she said.

Award-winning author Khalirendwe Nekhavhambe said: “Imagine if your mother were in ICU, would you still continue doing those silly poses?”

Talented producer and singer TeddyH said many young people were behaving in an inappropriate manner and that they needed to undergo a moral regeneration programme that would assist them. “They have lost touch with reality,” he said. “Do they know how it feels to be in a hospital bed! What is the benefit of displaying foolishness on social media?” he said.

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